Crack open a crisp, grassy bottle of Sauvignon Blanc, unplug and soak up the sun. Spend time with friends and enjoy the simple things with our simple and durable leather wine bag.

If you're looking for a unique gift for a wine loving friend, look no further than this leather wine tote!

| details |
- fits 2 standard (750 mL) bottles of wine for your next party or outside adventure
- double layered straps ensure this wine bottle tote is durable and gentle on your hands
- snap closure to prevent bottles from hitting
- simple, functional design

| dimensions |
10” tall x 11” wide at top (8.5” wide at base) x 3.5” deep
9” strap drop

| leather |
All of our leather bags are unlined to emphasize the natural beauty of the cowhides.

This wine tote is made with full grain, oil tanned leather. 
The outer surface is not sanded off and the leather will show rich texture and natural imperfections like scars, bug bites, and even branding marks. This means no two items are identical, and we feel these small variations contribute to the beauty and character of hand crafted leather goods.

| care |
Every item is freshly conditioned with Pecard Leather Dressing before shipment, to help your leather last a lifetime.

Made in the USA