It’s not about flash, or pretension, or pomp and circumstance. It’s about quality and simplicity. This leather key chain is made with one of the best American leathers and solid brass hardware. The design is elegant, understated, and functional. Every time you hold your keys and feel the luxurious leather, you’ll be reminded about what matters. It’s a reminder to have a connection with the items you own, to be present with your family, and to savor every day. Quality counts.

| dimensions |
3.5” leather loop x 0.75” wide
1” brass key ring
available in solid brass or antique brass

| leather |
This keychain is made with full grain Horween leather. Horween Leather Co. is one of the last remaining tanneries to operate in the USA. Their attention to detail and commitment to the craft is unmistakable in the supple, durable, and distinctive leathers they produce.
The outer surface of full grain leather is not sanded off so these items will show rich texture and natural imperfections like scars, bug bites, and even branding marks. This means no two items are identical, and we feel these small variations contribute to the beauty and character of hand crafted leather goods.

| care |
Every item is freshly conditioned with Pecard Leather Dressing before shipment, to help your leather last a lifetime.

Made in the USA