leather goods shop

leather goods handcrafted in the USA

Hello! I'm Indi and I'm the founder of Cask & Hide, a company that sells leather totes, clutches and accessories.

For as long as I can remember, I've always loved creating. I grew up cooking, sewing dog beds, knitting scarves and throwing bowls on the potters wheel. I love creating items for others to enjoy. Even my professional career follows the same trend: winemaking. After marrying into the military, I decided to pursue my passion for creating in a way that gives me more freedom and flexibility, no matter where we live. And thus, Cask & Hide was born.

This shop is an expression of my passion for making beautiful, useful items for others. And just like cooking and making wine, the best results come from using the highest quality ingredients and remembering that less is more. That's our philosophy at Cask & Hide. I make every one of the items in our shop with full grain leather hides and clean, simple designs. 

Someday, I hope to grow Cask & Hide to help alleviate the challenges of military spouse employment. I know how hard it is to pursue a career as a military spouse, and also how important it is to fully support your spouse as he or she serves our country. The dream at Cask & Hide is to employ military spouses throughout the world to do a small part to help with this struggle.

Thank you for supporting us now so we can grow to support them!